Justin Windsor

Just two weeks before his birthday, Justin Windsor admitted to VibraLife of Katy. Justin had been through a complicated hospitalization for sepsis that quickly progressed to respiratory failure. He required a ventilator to breathe and a PEG tube for nutrition. After four weeks in the hospital, Justin was so weak that just moving was a struggle.

Just 41-years-old, Justin was motivated to regain his independence and “get back to [his] life.” Shortly after beginning to work with the rehab, nursing, and respiratory teams at VibraLife of Katy, Justin began to see improvement. Daily work with respiratory therapy led to the removal of his tracheostomy tube, allowing Justin to breathe on his own again. Speech therapy and dietary worked together to improve his swallow ability and advance his diet. This meant Justin’s PEG tube could be removed, as well. Physical therapy helped Justin build up his strength and improve his walking. His independence with activities of daily living increased, such as washing his face and doing his laundry.

When he arrived at VibraLife, Justin couldn’t walk more than 15 feet with maximum assistance. By his discharge day, Justin achieved complete independence with walking and can eat regular food again. He was even doing his own laundry, which required a 300-foot walk while carrying his laundry.

Justin discharged home from VibraLife of Katy on his birthday, as independent as he was before being hospitalized — a true cause for celebration. Happy Birthday, Justin!